12 Day Single Use Plastic Elimination Challenge:


Take the pledge! The equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic enters into our oceans every minute, every day, all year long. If current trends continue, scientists estimate that by the year 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish!  You can make a difference by the decisions you make.

Not sure where to start?  Follow us on Facebook as we provide practical tips to help you eliminate plastics from your lifestyle during the 12 Day Single Use Plastic Elimination Challenge.  Each day will provide one new tip!   

12 Day Litter Removal Challenge & Results


The results are in!  Volunteers who participated in our 12 Day Litter Removal Challenge picked up marine debris for 12 days, for approximately 1 hour a day, This is what we collected:

plastic straws (95), shoes (32), styrofoam pieces (2l636+), plastic cutlery (85), toothbrushes (15), plastic bottle caps (399), feet of rope (772 ft), glow sticks (113), pounds of misc plastic (68lbs), lightbulbs (3), pens/ pen caps (37).

Calling All High School Advocates


Are you a high school student currently living  in Indian River County who wants to make environmental changes to your community?  If so, consider joining our S.E.A. Warriors Club where we aim to motivate and mobilize students to bring meaningful change to our community through advocacy.   Together we can and will make a difference!  

Email for more information.