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We are excited to announce that the 2nd Annual 'A Day in the IRL' is co-coordinated by both SEA a Difference and Ocean Research and Conservation Association!

A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon

About the Program


The "A Day in the Life" program is an experiential science research program designed to help students (grades 2-12+) develop an appreciation for and knowledge of the ecosystems being studied, to collect useful scientific data in regard to the ecosystem’s environmental health, and to allow students to become stewards of the ecosystem’s water quality and natural resources. 

On a single day each Fall, environmental experts, students, and teachers participating in "A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon" simultaneously collect scientific data at sites all along the 156-mile stretch of the Indian River Lagoon.  Students use hands-on field techniques to collect various chemical, physical, and biological parameters of the lagoon to determine how their local piece of the estuary fits into the larger ecosystem.   The results from all locations and schools are then posted on our website which can then be compared annually to past and future measurements by students, teachers, land use decision makers, civic groups, state agencies, and the general public.  This data generates a snapshot of the overall health or an environmental report card of the lagoon.  There are numerous opportunities to incorporate this information into one's curricula and is certainly interdisciplinary in nature.

This year's lagoon-wide sampling date is October 10, 2019!  For more information on how your students or environmental organization can participate, please email Missy at info@seaadifference.org or call 631-806-8725.



ADIL references, teacher manual, PowerPoints, guides, etc

Sampling Sites & Community Partners


List of participating schools, environmental organizations and sampling  map



 Sampling map, comprehensive data sheets (PDF)

"A Day in the Life" Documentaries

Want to know more about "A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon?"  Check out this great video shot and edited by Chris Hiser and Brandon Reardin with the School District of Indian River County.  

Check out this great video by Dylan Hansen of Balance for Earth, featuring two of our Brevard County partners, Central Middle School and Florida Institute of Technology!

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